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Join me in response to those suffering from poverty and exploitation. By giving, you are supporting real change and restoration among vulnerable communities through Word Made Flesh.

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At the end of April, I will have the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Galati, Romania and Chișinău, Moldova to listen, learn, and share life with vulnerable children, women, and families experiencing hardships born of both the pandemic and the ongoing impact of the war in Ukraine in these areas. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldov, in 2021, 24.4% of children are living in absolute poverty. In Romania, 42% of children were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2021. With the large number of those affected by food insecurity and poverty, coupled with the displacement of people due to the conflict in Ukraine, these numbers have only worsened an already fragile situation. In impoverished settings, youth are at high risk of abandonment, sexual exploitation, trafficking, abuse, and social discrimination. Families in impoverished settings are often at risk of parent abandonment, substance abuse, or involved in precarious work leading to neglect.

Word Made Flesh responds holistically by offering a safe space for children and families to be supported in their growth and personal development. They do this through programming that prioritizes long-ter relationships, including family house visits, routine individual check-ins with each child, shared meals, and rhythms of prayer and worship. Additionally, they provide tangible support, such as addressing individuals food insecurity and hygienic needs by distributing warm meals, nutritional education, access to warm showers, and educational programming to prevent kids from dropping out of school.

During my time, I will have the opportunity to use my videography to tell the stories of other volunteers, families, and residents that have seen and experienced the impact of protecting and sharing life with these marginalized groups. It is most important to me to dignify all people in what I capture. I am sensitive and attentive to mindfully telling these stories, so it does not further exploit their experiences.

Join me in supporting real change and restoration among vulnerable communities through Word Made Flesh. Help us to holistically walk alongside those in need as they discover abundant life and become agents of change. Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal. Thank you so much!