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Tad & Karly Glibert

Serving in Malawi

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We are moving to Malawi!!

Are you surprised? Or not really? It is no secret that we love the people of Malawi! We desire to be faithful in living out the love of God through relationships and service in this community and we are ready to do that full-time. (See more details below!)

We need you to partner with us on this journey!

Our upfront expenses are for plane tickets, visas, language training, and Karly’s Malawi RN license requirements. We also need to raise ongoing monthly support for food, housing, transportation, health insurance, etc. We are asking for monthly support to start now. All funds from now until the month before we leave for Malawi will go towards our upfront costs.

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More Information:

Who? We will be sent by Word Made Flesh (WMF) to partner with Circle of Hope International (COH) and The Grace Alliance Church.

What? With Tad’s background in math education and sports administration, we envision Tad working with COH and school administrators, athletic teams, and serving as another father figure for our Timothy’s Home boys. With Karly’s background in nursing, we envision Karly working at Grace Clinic and in a coordinator role for the development of the maternal center.

When? It is our goal to be funded and ready to go for a 2-year commitment by October of 2019. Monthly support will begin now and will continue for 3 months after our return home as we transition to new jobs.

Where? The Grace Center in Malawi, Africa.

Why? God’s desire to be in relationship with His people is a consistent storyline throughout the Bible. In order for people to be in relationship with God, they have to be told about Him which is why Jesus left us with the Great Commission: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). As Christians this should matter to us because it matters to God! It leads us to ask what role God has for us in light of His own mission to reach and bless the nations. This can be actively lived out through praying, mobilizing, sending, or going. In this season, we believe God has called us to going for a longer stretch of time than before; we long to live in obedience to that call.

How? It would be misleading to suggest that the “how” of it all has come easy for us, but we are trusting that God’s grace will cover all of the details that need to fall into place. In order to go, we need a team of prayer partners and a team of monthly financial supporters. We would love if you would consider joining one or both of these teams!